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Creating dialogical space within social and healthcare networks, while promoting participatory practices has been the focus of my work. I began as a mediator on an accident site, performing mediation in an intercultural context. I then designed a mediation service, offering conflict resolution and health-care prevention services to political asylum seekers. My recent work doing needs assessment for public health reports has allowed me to integrate the perceptions of professionals into healthcare planning, informing decision-makers. As a consultant I facilitate conflicts and social transformation processes. My interdisciplinary research engenders social innovation.


Writing to Transform Relations


Here is a recent publication gathering autoethnographic contributions from a conference in Tarragona, Spain. My chapter, "Writing to Transform Relations", recounts my authoethnographic process while writing Homing In. Autoethnography is a social science method used in medical anthropology.


Here is my conference presentation that explains how I use transformational pedagogies in my courses at Creighton University and the Valais College of Alternative Medicine. Narrative methods are used to elicit reflexivity and self- transformation as students engage in the auto/duo ethnographic process.

Transformational pedagogies


The Senior Living Lab

Hopeful healthy aging model

As a researcher within the Senior Living Lab, an interdisciplinary research project at the University of Applied Sciences and Art Western Switzerland, I produced a documentary film on hopeful healthy aging. 

Perceptions of aging were gathered through filmed interviews using Senior Living Lab participant's testimonies of resilience.

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